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Data Science Strategy Consulting and Coaching


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Services Offered

speaking and workshops

We have experience in presenting at conferences, both external and internal, across a variety of data science topics. Additionally if you need to run a workshop within your team or with your stakeholders we can facilitate a variety of workshops to unlock your team's potential.

Data science strategy consulting

Whether you're setting up a brand new data science department or you're well established, there are unique challenges to every phase of a teams growth. We can consult for short term strategy building sessions or long term support as your team scales and grows.

technology and workflows

While many of our services focus around the people aspect of doing data science, we offer support for making technology decisions around analytics architecture, and can help in creating best practices around project management and collaboration to fully utilize your team's knowledge.

executive coaching

Key to the success of any data science team are the executives and manager, and leading in this space is unique and requires different skills than managing other disciplines. Though, executive coaching is not only for the leaders, it can help data scientists and the more technical members of a team develop and grow to be more well-rounded and better integrate with the rest of your organization

Areas of Practice

data engineers and architects

The foundation of any data practice, Data Engineers and Architects design, build, and extract the data necessary for any analytics practices. Often undervalued and underappreciated, yet completely essential to success.

data management

Beyond the straightforward technical skills and platforms required, there is a growing awareness of the need for effective data governance and data management. Recent data breaches and the implementation of the GDPR are only heightening attentiveness to do this well.

business intelligence

The first stages of any analyses, and a key ingredient for any company. You can't do advanced analytics if you don't know where you're beginning. BI developers were historically found in IT, but analysts of all stripes are getting more involved with creating reports and dashboards using sophisticated tools.

new managers

Being a new manager is challenging, especially so in data and analytics bridging the gap between highly specialized technical skills and business needs. 

data science

Synonymous with advanced analytics, the young and growing field of data science is capable of amazing predictive and prescriptive models of many varieties. Though, as the field matures, many teams run the risk of over-hype and under-delivery.


Many companies are struggling to capitalize on their analytics investments, and the executives running these initiatives are often caught between dissatisfied and disillusioned practitioners and unrealistic expectations of C-Suites and Corporate boards.