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The fields surrounding data science have exploded over the last decade with many companies building out analytics teams and a surge of popularity in data related careers. While exciting, many companies are finding it challenging to effectively leverage their analytics talent and aren’t seeing a return on their investment. On the other hand many people have come into the field and had mixed success in finding their place in this rapidly expanding space.

With over 15 years of experience working in and around the analytics space across multiple industries, I have the know how and desire to help guide you through data science related implementations and careers, at every stage of the journey. Whether you're a college student looking to understand how to break into the field, a career changer trying out a new path, or an experienced practitioner who needs to move to the next stage, I have experienced much of it myself and guided many individuals just like you.

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Phases of your career

college student

From choosing the right majors to landing internships, there are many more options available to college students looking for data careers today, but it can be overwhelming. Get some guidance on how to land the right job coming out of college.      


Managing people is always a hard job, even more so when you're leading a team of highly technical and highly sought after experts. We can help you identify where managing in this space is different than other fields, and where it's exactly the same.

early career

Have you found yourself in a job that isn't what you expected? It's hard to know if you're paying your dues and getting good experience, or just signing on for drudgery. Get the guidance you need for the right next step to get the data career you'll love.


As companies make huge investments in the data and analytics space, there's a lot of pressure on the people at the top to show the return on investment. We can help you structure the path forward and identify some of the pitfalls early.

experienced practitioner

Most people move through multiple positions in their career, but sometimes we get stuck. Perhaps you're in a rut, bored, or just not advancing like you expected. We can work to help you craft the perfect job for yourself either at your current company or not.

career changer

The shortage of data practitioners makes it a very attractive career field to move into. It can be a hard leap to make, however, even from adjacent fields. Let us help you identify your gaps, and highlight your advantages to make a successful transition


Since then I never pay attention to anything by “experts”. I calculate everything myself.
— Richard Feynman


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